launch store

Free set up

Our professionals will install the software for free without much hassle. So you can save on your investment.

Full package

Pricing plans are flexible. Buy a software version with premium plan and upgrade to platinum plan anytime just paying the difference amount.

Source code

Simpl.Life is built using the most current and stable platform available today.It can be customized according to the future needs. Control over source code assures control over the application.

One time payment

You buy the product once and you can enjoy thereafter. Buy the product without any monthly burden to earn a good return from the business.

Why Appture?

A professional choice for ecommerce business


The Exlcart storefront is completely customizable to meet the user's need. The store features can be enhanced by making changes to the solution which has supportive back-end, front-end and mobile apps features.

Maintenance & hosting

We provide maintenance & hosting on demand. Clients can avail this service on monthly subscriptions.

Display your own brand

Establish your brand name by using your logo in the site and app. Admin can customize website design to market their products along with their recognized logo design & Favicon.

Premium themes

You can also change themes or choose to customize your themes that represent your brand by developing your own design with us at nominal cost.

Login credentials / Facebook Login

Admin has the master login credentials. The Vendors are provided with separate login to manage the display of products on the site. The End Users/customers have different login / Facebook login to purchase their product.

Funds management

Fund management is all about the process of payment between vendors and Admin. Admin displays the products of vendors on his site, and when the products are bought and paid by customers, the admin pays a part of it to vendors.

Monitor all aspects

The buyer of the software is the master Admin of the site and has all the credentials, details, database to handle the front-end and back-end of the website and mobile app efficiently.

Expert support

With a fully professional team and experts to guide you, all of your technical problems will be fixed instantly. We will assist you via phone, Skype, tickets, forums, mail and live chat.

Set access levels

Admin has all the credentials to set access levels for vendors, any particular vendor, End Users. Setting the access levels secures the database & transactions occurring.

launch store reports


The dashboard provides information about active and inactive users, visits, sales and more.Exlcart comes with a dynamic back end user interface to explore and manage the site contents easily.

Statistical / graphical reports

Clear & Elegant statistics & graphs are available in dashboard of web Panels of both Admin & Vendors to give them one glance reports of their business. These reports can be easily downloaded.

Reports & analytics

Admin can view detailed reports using 4 categories- Sales, products, customers, and marketing. Each category has various sub categories to give you a detailed report and analytics.

The Most Advanced Platform Possible

Nearly limitless options for promotion, marketing, mcommerce, social media and security


Start with the basics and grow as you need. Updates and tech support are included. 24-7-365 Support is always available.