Dynamic banner

Admin can upload the scrolling home page banner very easily from the back end settings panel. Banners add value to the site since they have the capacity to attract more customers to the site.

Advanced filters

Advanced filters like selection of price range, brand, colours, sizes etc by simple scroll helps to get accurate search results among the several products.

Ad management

Admin can manage Ads in their website. Several Ads can be placed in the banner, Right-side & Left-side of the home page to increase conversion rate. Extra customization can be done at nominal cost.


Admin can set discounts on selected products or can have seasonal discounts or month end discounts to drive traffic and earn repeat customers.

Easy to manage

Designed to handle all the activities easily

Multi-level categories

Finding the products has now become simple because of multi-level category option. Now products are placed clearly under categories and subcategories with best customization option.

Categorize search

categorize search is the option available near the search box, where the end user can type the product that he is looking for and select the categories in which he is looking for from the drop down menu.

Multi-image view

This feature helps to upload various images of the same product to help user understand the product closely.

Dynamic image resize

Images posted in the website catalogue can be resize as per requirement. Images can be resized lengthwise and breadth wise.


User can upload the products based on multiple attributes such as colours, size etc. This makes it very flexible for the end user to find the products as well as helps the admin to manage the products easily.

View products sold out

In the Sold Out tab, End User can view the Products that are in high demand and which were sold out. This helps the end user to take a profitable decision over buying any product.

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