generate revenue

Manage payment accounts

All the money transaction happening on the site such as user's & Vendors debit or credit account can be viewed using the backend admin settings. There are options to search the records based on date, product order number, and username. Complete transaction log is maintained by Appture.

Manage shipping percentage

The complete order processing formalities are simplified which allows for swift processing and delivery. Admin sets the shipping percentage in advance to auto calculate the total payment that customer has to do while checkouts.

Manage payments

Manage all your transactions in one place

Manage currency

Admin can set currency & currency symbol for his website. Based on the currency, products will be sold to end user and Vendors will receive their profit. This shows that the website can take up business all over the world.

Manage funds

Admin and vendors can keep the records of the funds transaction. Admin will make the payments to vendors as per his/her choice mnaully and manage the same data in the admin panel

View payment status

All the Payment transaction is safe and secured with the software. All the payments are received by the Admin first. And then Admin process the payment to vendors manully. The Admin as well as Vendors can view the status of different types of payments in the respective tabs. The site ensures full security for all money transactions.

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