Facebook page

Admin can integrate Facebook page to his website to get likes from his visitors and promote the website. Users can share and comment about the products in Facebook page.

Twitter page

Admin can integrate twitter page to his website to easily get followers and market the website in viral way. Users can share and tweet about the products in twitter page.

LinkedIn page

LinkedIn being one of the known social media, admin can integrate his LinkedIn page, LinkedIn product page, company page etc., easily from the back end panel.


Videos about the product, product launch, company events, seminars, conference, ads, customer feedbacks etc., can be uploaded in the YouTube by the admin and the links can be integrated to the website so that end users get aware about the website popularity.

Socialize your business

Reaching out masss social media customers are easy now.

Referral program

The customers can enjoy the referral program scheme which allows earning some good amount of money by referring more friends or relatives to the site. If the referred person buys anything on the site, then the customer will enjoy a referral amount. This program can bring in focused customers.

Front-end vendor sign up

Vendors can sign up to the site from the front end itself. Later the admin can approve their registration and provide with login credentials and make them a profitable vendor part of the website.

Email templates

Emails and newsletter is the best communication medium to keep the customers informed about the latest products & announce special discounts. It serves as a central database to send bulk emails with help of email templates.

Market your business with social rich Exlcart

It is easy to promote your business through social media. The leading social media sites are integrated in this platform to promote your business easily.